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Online Mahjong Games
Play Ancient Indian MahjongAncient Indian Mahjong Game

Plays: 2008
Category: BoardGame
Ancient Indian Mahjong is a new mahjong variation by . The archaeologists have found mahjong tiles and now you have a possibility to play the Aztec variation of the ancient game Mahjong. Click at the identical unlocked items to remove them. You win when no any tiles on the table.
Play MahBrainJongMahBrainJong Game

Plays: 2005
Category: BoardGame
Midas Mahjong is a classic puzzle using the Chinese Mahjong tiles that are laid out in a pyramid form. Combine two tiles of the same type to clear them away and work your way through the pyramid. Only the master has the concentration needed to clear all the tiles in time.
Play Ancient Treasures Mahjong ConnectAncient Treasures Mahjong Connect Game

Plays: 1988
Category: BoardGame
Plunge into to a relaxing world of tile-matching fun challenge in this free mahjong connect game. Play Mahjong with a new tricky twist in the tile game that takes you to the journey for antique pieces search. Make matches by selecting like pairs, but the trick here is to make sure that both tiles can connect together with a line. That line can't have more than two changes of direction. Play this addictive relaxing puzzle extremely popular game and have a lot of fun! The game main advantages: - Simple rules; - Addictive gameplay; - Impressive quality artstyle; - Graphics are polished and pleasing to the eyes. - Melodic music and nice sound effects; - Cool relaxing game
Play Mahjong Connect 1Mahjong Connect 1 Game

Plays: 1978
Category: Customize
Different style of mahjongg, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway. Select slabs with the Left Mouse Button.
Play Halloween Mahjong 2Halloween Mahjong 2 Game

Plays: 1929
Category: BoardGame
The mahjong Halloween more fun and crazy it can get. Here we bring you the second part of mahjong Halloween 2. Now with completely new and different levels so you can enjoy your computer at the rate of appropriate music for this party. Removes monsters, skulls, pumpkins and other checkers. Shows who is best playing mahjong.
Play China Mahjong (spanish)China Mahjong (spanish) Game

Plays: 1906
Category: Adventure
Juega al Mahjong en la antigua China. Hay 245 entornos distintos.
Play Diamond Store MahjongDiamond Store Mahjong Game

Plays: 1902
Category: BoardGame
New colorful game for all fans of interesting puzzles and picturesque mahjong games by This game is a great find for the jewelry and precious accessories lovers. The goal of the games is to clear all jewelry from the table by clicking at two identical unblocked items.
Play KitchenMahjongKitchenMahjong Game

Plays: 1896
Category: Puzzles
KitchenMajong is a mahjong game that uses cook icons. play fun game!!
Play Pet Party Mahjong by flashgamesfan.comPet Party Mahjong by Game

Plays: 1874
Category: BoardGame
Six different layouts (easy, medium and hard) for this addictive Mahjong game!
Play FruitJong MahjongFruitJong Mahjong Game

Plays: 1865
Category: Puzzles
FruitJong is a 3d mahjong game with wooden colorful blocks. It's easier to play because you can collect the pieces in the middle but you can't click the blocks underneath. The score will decrease over time but you'll get more points as you collect blocks. The game gets more challenging as you advance through its 5 levels.
Play Wild West MahjongWild West Mahjong Game

Plays: 1844
Category: BoardGame
Mahjong set in the American Wild West. You will have fun with many levels of difficulty and fun country music. Choose carefully the movements you do, because you have to consider the available tiles do not run out.
Play Mysterious Figures MahjongMysterious Figures Mahjong Game

Plays: 1828
Category: BoardGame
Free mahjong game in ancient theme by Stone giants Moai have always fascinated with their grandeur, incomprehensible, mysterious. We can only guess about the secrets to creating the figures and suggest playing the mahjong based on the mysterious of the islanders.
Play Mahjong Toy ChestMahjong Toy Chest Game

Plays: 1796
Category: Puzzles
Race the clock and try to match as many of the animated mahjongg game tile pieces as possible in five minutes.
Play London MahjongLondon Mahjong Game

Plays: 1790
Category: BoardGame
A classic but amazingly challenging mahjong game by We are sure the game will be interesting both for the mahjong experts and for the novices who just discover the mahjong games . Find identical items and destroy them. But pay attention that the tiles should be unlocked:. no tile above-below or to the left-right.
Play Winter MahjongWinter Mahjong Game

Plays: 1745
Category: Other
Classic Mahjong Solitaire game with a Winter theme. Try to remove all tiles from the playing area, you can remove tiles by clicking on 2 of the same (free) tiles. A tile is free if there is no other tile on top of it and if it has at least 2 free side (left or right). You can combine any season tile with another, the same applies to the winter tiles.
Play Maya Tower MahjongMaya Tower Mahjong Game

Plays: 1737
Category: BoardGame
New colorful game for all fans of mahjong games by The archaeologists have discovered mahjong tiles and now you have a possibility to play the Maya variation of the ancient game Mahjong. Click at the identical unlocked tiles to destroy them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all tiles are deleted. There are 20 levels and extremely impressive graphics.
Play ShisenShoShisenSho Game

Plays: 1698
Category: BoardGame
Shisen-Sho is a Japanese tile-based game which uses Mahjong tiles, and is similar to Mahjong solitaire.
Play Enigmatic Island MahjongEnigmatic Island Mahjong Game

Plays: 1673
Category: BoardGame
New online mahjong game in Polynesian theme by Plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient tribes of peaceful island. We can only guess about the secrets to building the statues and suggest playing the mahjong based on the legends of the island peoples.
Play Square_ConnectSquare_Connect Game

Plays: 1666
Category: BoardGame
Square Connect est un mélange entre le Mahjong , Tetris et Meteos. Des blocs tombent du haut de l'écran et forment une pile. Ces blocs sont colorés et portent un symbole. En cliquant sur deux blocs semblables, le premier bloc rejoint le second. Ce faisant, il détruit sur son passage, tous les blocs qui ont un point commun avec lui ! (soit le même symbole, soit la même couleur). Il faut bien entendu empêcher que la pile de blocs atteigne le haut de l'écran ! Si vous aimez les jeux de réflexion et d'observation, Square Connect est fait pour vous !
Play Classic Ancient MahjongClassic Ancient Mahjong Game

Plays: 1663
Category: BoardGame
Here we invite you to enjoy a classic game that is sure to enjoy. A classic mahjong with great music and many levels for a long time. Mahjong is an easy game to understand and play, but it takes a lot of speed so that time will not be ending.

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