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Play Barnyard ScrambleBarnyard Scramble Game

Plays: 531
Category: Puzzles
Get ready for a wild time down on the farm!
Play Super Maki - The fallSuper Maki - The fall Game

Plays: 530
Category: Adventure
In this adventure, help Super Maki down in the valley. Collect special powers and bonus items to get the best score and beat your score or record the best player. - Get lives. - Become invincible. - Get bonus score. - Throw maki destructive. - Throw rice balls. - Slow down time.
Play Castle Capers Castle Capers Game

Plays: 526
Category: Strategy
Defeat the Evil Black Knight and rescue the Princess - what could be easier?
Play Back to Candyland: Episode 2Back to Candyland: Episode 2 Game

Plays: 524
Category: Puzzles
When you go back to Candyland you will wonder why you ever left in the first place.
Play Traffic MadnessTraffic Madness Game

Plays: 522
Category: Driving
Traffic is a nightmare and these roads have gone crazy!
Play Save PAPASave PAPA Game

Plays: 520
Category: Action
Save PAPA is a Physics-based puzzle game. You are tasked with using different tools to transfer PAPA (blocks) to certain destinations, gaining energy, and completing the level. The game has a total of 15 levels with various endings. There are several ways to complete the same level, and your ending will vary dependent on your game statistics.
Play Professor PlumProfessor Plum's Fruit Squash Game

Plays: 519
Category: Strategy
Help! The Evil Professor has taken over the Fruit Squash factory and trying to steal all the fruit! Only Professor Plum can stop him! You must journey through 30 challenging levels collecting all the fruit, and take it to the juicing machine to advance to the next level. Make it all the way to the end to face the rotten finale! Good Luck!
Play RocketPaddleRocketPaddle Game

Plays: 517
Category: Puzzles
RocketPaddle is a breakout-type game with a twist - you can also move the paddle vertically (with LMB) and use it to break the blocks faster. However, leaving the "ground" also makes it harder to deflect the ball.
Play Alien TreeAlien Tree Game

Plays: 517
Category: Strategy
Help this alien tree grow tall and healthy!
Play Hit the RoadHit the Road Game

Plays: 516
Category: Other
You and your three friends are taking a cross country trip to Colorado.It is up to you to get, food, fill your car with gas and also purchase any other miscellaneous items.
Play Deducktion Deducktion Game

Plays: 516
Category: Strategy
A heinous crime has taken place in the neighborhood. When Coach McKirk woke up this morning, he found his garbage can tipped over, scraps of pizza and ice cream spilt everywhere. There are four suspects, each with five attributes and a set of alibis. Can you, Detective Duck, use logical reasoning to figure out whodunnit? * When you first start the game, read the case carefully, as you will not be able to return to read over the details. * When the four suspects are brought in, click/tap to question each of them. * You will have to point your initial finger of suspicion at only one of them–do this by selecting “Seems fishy…” after they are done talking. * Now, with one suspect isolated, you can question the other three and press them for valuable clues. Cross-check their statements with what you know about the case and their individual attributes, which can be found in your Memo pad. * It’s time to make an informal accusation to one of the suspects. You can revert to your original hunch by clicking the suspect highlighted in red, or accuse someone else. Be sure to use your Memo pad often and think critically. * The following will be the last clue you get: a “last stand” that can either self-incriminate or demonstrate true innocence. Who will you slap the cuffs on? * The game ends after the suspect you’ve chosen gives their closing statement, which will reveal whether you were correct. Can Detective Duck effortlessly crack another case? * Refresh the page to try a randomized new case, maybe with a different culprit!
Play Missile Mania!Missile Mania! Game

Plays: 514
Category: Strategy
Aim the missile!
Play Space TimeSpace Time Game

Plays: 513
Category: Puzzles
Click on 2 or more bricks to let the explode in this free online browser game for your mobile html5 device! This is one of the latest free online games for boys and girls! Want more free fun games? Check out the main site and find the best free mobile puzzle games and the latest action games for your mobile browser!
Play Robots CanRobots Can't Jump Game

Plays: 513
Category: Action
It's true, robots aren't very bouncy, but they are ferocious. Make 'em explode and fast!
Play Black Style DressesBlack Style Dresses Game

Plays: 513
Category: Dress-Up
Every girl needs a little black dress, or a gorgeous floor length black dress that looks good too!
Play Super X RocketSuper X Rocket Game

Plays: 512
Category: Action
Rocket wars are the best! Prepare for intergalactic battles.
Play Staroids Staroids Game

Plays: 511
Category: Shooting
Staroids is a similar to the classic game Asteroids. The purpose of the game is to shoot all the boulders as quick as possible. Once all the boulders have been destroyed the next wave will start, each wave spawns additional 15 boulders to the previous wave. The users score and other statistics are added to the leaderboard allowing players to compete with eachother. Enter you name below and press play to get started!
Play Cold TrailsCold Trails Game

Plays: 509
Category: Adventure
You venture out deep into the forests and get lost leaving you low on food, water and clean clothes. Try and survive in this rough wilderness!
Play Rabid RabbitsRabid Rabbits Game

Plays: 504
Category: Action
Rabbit shooter for your mobile! Shoot as many rabbits in this free online game until the time runs out! Upgrade your weapons and beat the highscore in this free and online browser html5 game. Take care that they don't come to close and beat up the highscore! This is one of the latest free online games for boys and girls! Want more free fun games? Check out the main site and find the best free mobile puzzle games and the latest action games for your mobile browser!
Play Broadside Broadside Game

Plays: 502
Category: Shooting
A small 7-level game where you tap your turrets to aim them at the enemy's turrets/ship.

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