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Play Online Mahjong (EN)Online Mahjong (EN) Game

Plays: 4292
Category: BoardGame
Online Mahjong is an online version of a traditional chinese game Mahjong. The main goal of Online Mahjong is to remove all the tiles from the game field. Are you smart enough to finish the game?
Play 10 10 1010 10 10 Game

Plays: 4290
Category: Action
Team up with the rest of the world to reach a total score of 101,010 by 10/10/10.
Play ConformityConformity Game

Plays: 4284
Category: Puzzles
Can you make all tiles blue?
Play Koi KingKoi King Game

Plays: 4261
Category: Puzzles
Every year in a little Japanese village, there is a very prestigious title every fisherman vies for: Koi King. To win the competition, you must raise the largest Koi by feeding them as much food as you can. It is time to achieve a Zen-like state and harness your Chi!
Play Easter Egg Remove Easter Egg Remove 'Em Game

Plays: 4229
Category: Fighting
Match Easter Tiles for Special Bonuses!
Play cikcuk dunia fantasicikcuk dunia fantasi Game

Plays: 4176
Category: Puzzles
this game is a twist of the bejewelled game, instead of lining up similar tiles, we use monsters that blow each other up, with similar principle of paper-rock-scissors.
Play Duck TilesDuck Tiles Game

Plays: 4136
Category: Puzzles
The Code Zone's classic ducky-sliding game is now available for free! Slide ducks and soaps around a slippery floor and try to get to the drains. It starts out easy, but it gets tough quickly.
Play Facey Remove Facey Remove 'Em Game

Plays: 4128
Category: Puzzles
Remove those Face Tiles for Special Bonuses!
Play Alpha AssaultAlpha Assault Game

Plays: 4120
Category: Action
Stop the evil red tiles from taking over the castle.
Play Tribal MahjongTribal Mahjong Game

Plays: 4098
Category: BoardGame
Searches for pairs of each symbol and remove tiles from the board. You can only delete those with no piece left or right. The game has many levels to have a good time.
Play WordSliderWordSlider Game

Plays: 4073
Category: BoardGame
Strategy Based Word Maker Game
Play Christmas Remove Christmas Remove 'Em Game

Plays: 4032
Category: Puzzles
Remove Christmas Tiles with Chain Bonuses!
Play Gangsters Syndicate MahjongGangsters Syndicate Mahjong Game

Plays: 4012
Category: BoardGame
Gamgsters challenges you to play the game, the first prize is life. Be the winner! The tiles depict the gangster's necessary things. Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. Delete all tiles and publish the best result.
Play Aztec MahjongAztec Mahjong Game

Plays: 4006
Category: BoardGame
New picturesque addictive variation of ancient game mahjong by The archaeologists have discovered mahjong tiles near Tenochtitlan and now you have a possibility to play the Aztec variation of the ancient Chinese patience game Mahjong. Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted. There are 20 levels and extremely impressive graphics.
Play Flooded VillageFlooded Village Game

Plays: 3992
Category: Puzzles
The mysterious Flooded Village will grant you the power to command the tide for your own benefits! Dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the village. Water the trees, help the pirates set sail, but be careful not to drown the villagers!
Play Jungle SquaresJungle Squares Game

Plays: 3951
Category: Puzzles
Slide tiles into numerical order to solve the puzzle.
Play Pixel Boy: Summer AdventuresPixel Boy: Summer Adventures Game

Plays: 3945
Category: Action
Side scroller arcade game about Pixel Boy unbelievable adventures. You'll have a travel in three different locations as well in one bonus location.
Play Rome PuzzleRome Puzzle Game

Plays: 3937
Category: Puzzles
Rome Puzle is totally addicting puzzle game fun. Rome - the greatest, most known, legendariest city for all times. In this game, you are given the rare chance to manage Ancient Rome. Develop and lead it to greatness! Create matches of three in a row by clicking on adjacent tiles to swap them. Make matches over each marble plaque to finish the level. Each silver coin gives you 3 units of gold. Each gold coin gives you 5 units of gold. Collect coins to build the city.
Play Light Asylum Escape Room 1 - The BeginningLight Asylum Escape Room 1 - The Beginning Game

Plays: 3926
Category: Adventure
You recover conscience inside a very white and bright room. You hear a voice coming from a strange device on the wall. It talks to you and explains that you're supposed to try and escape that room (and 4 others) with the purpose of testing you. You need to find all the tiles that fit the puzzle, and place them in the correct order.
Play Steam And BrassSteam And Brass Game

Plays: 3890
Category: Puzzles
Complete the pipe system from the top to the bottom of the screen, before the time runs out. You get points for each pipe connected to the system.

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